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Big Viking Games, founded in 2011, is the largest independent mobile and social game studio in Canada and a pioneer in mobile HTML5 games. The company has grown profitably to a team of over 100 Vikings across two studios in Toronto and London, Ontario. From our beginnings with hits like FishWorld and YoWorld, we have become a leader in live operations, and a pioneer of what is possible with mobile HTML5 technologies to redefine the future of mobile entertainment. Our titles are played by millions of people on iOS, Android, Facebook and the mobile web.

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YoWorld is a browser-based virtual world game.

Fish World

The first of its kind aquarium game and playable on Facebook. At its peak, FishWorld was played by millions of unique users and continues to perform well on Facebook. FishWorld lets you raise, ... [more]


Blast through waves of alien ships, dodge devastating meteors, and battle epic bosses to save the galaxy.

Tiny Tappers

Tiny Tappers is a free to play action game where you unlock allies, upgrade your equipment, find special gear, and tap your way through endless waves of monsters and unique bosses. Tiny Tappers is ... [more]