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A free-roaming balloon journey. In this game you're given a balloon and few instructions, and must learn how to traverse the landscape with the help of your trusty, floaty balloon. You can't be ... [more]

Datemem small


merritt kopas

A Twine game / poem made for the Pulse-Pounding Heart-Stopping Dating Game Jam about the kopas' first few recent dates.


A Sword Game


A puzzle, platformer sword game where you must stick to with the sword you have chosen for the whole game to kill enemies, unlock doors and explore a maze-like dungeon.

Synchronous small

A Synchronous Ritual

merritt kopas

A 'real-time performance' game in which the player follows the actions of kopas' (and many others') daily, morning ritual.


Accidental Spelunking

Oooweeooo Interactive

Oh no! Your intrepid adventurer has fallen into a seemingly endless pit! What can they possibly do? What any explorer worth their salt would do: Loot the place!

Always sometimes monsters

Always Sometimes Monsters

Vagabond Dog

A unique retro-styled RPG set in the present day, Always Sometimes Monsters puts the player on a cross-country journey to reunite with his estranged love, making choices that affect themselves and those around them along the way.


Amici Exeunt


Play with a friend in this cooperative asymmetrical platformer.


Analog Defender

Droqen & Patrick Dinnen

An alien spaceship defender simulator with a uniquely handcrafted console made by Patrick Dinnen.


Analogue: A Hate Story

Love Conquers All Games

A dark visual novel featuring transhumanism, traditional marriage, loneliness, and cosplay. Two pursuable characters. Five endings. Welcome to the future. A further extension of the non-linear style of Digital: A Love Story.




A simple introduction & celebration.




A puzzle-platformer game where the player must hold their breath in real time whenever their avatar is submerged underwater.


Avatar Falls Down Stairs

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Look out below! Avatars are falling everywhere! Test your ragroll skills as you twist and tumble down flights of stairs using your custom XBox avatar.


Avatar Without a Chute

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Feel the freedom and weightlessness of free falling without those unruly consequences of reaching the ground. Collect points as you race your friends to the bottom! Look out below!


Baby Maker Extreme

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Are you extreme enough for Baby Maker Extreme? Experience the most extreme embryonic event enhanced by your electronic entertainment equipment. Simulate the miracle of life in a way only video games ... [more]


Baby Maker Extreme 2

Stegersaurus Software Inc

The baby is back and ready to fly farther than ever! The surprising slippery superstar returns in this stupendous sequel. Now with more locations, super powered babies, and outfits to unlock. Who ... [more]


Battle Beat

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Can you keep the beat and crush your foes? Using instrument-based controllers, Battle Beat combines the action of rhythm games with strategic elements to create a unique gameplay experience. Choose ... [more]

Below cover


Capybara Games

'Below is a top-down adventure game, with roguelike elements, including randomly generated dungeons. It's set on a remote island, and involves both exploration and survival.

Bleeding feature



A game about apologies


Block Faker


Created for Ludum Dare: it's a game about ESCAPE. Wait, no - it's just a puzzle game. Don't even think about escaping.

Bloxiq featured 662


Blot Interactive

Bloxiq takes classic concept of color matching and turns it on its head. Manipulate blocks to connect four or more of the same color above, beside or even through. Conquer obstacles such as bombs, ... [more]


Boss Up, Daughter

Kara Stone

'Boss Up, Daughter was inspired by GAMERella's Boss Up game jam. This is a real conversation Stone had with her mother.

Brace small


merritt kopas

An interactive fictional survival game for two.




Type commands into the system to control it and your place within it.' Created for TOJam 2012.

New brokenfolx



A collection of linear narrative vignettes created the #RUINJAM game jam as an exploration of what is or is not a video game. The vignettes tell stories of trauma, abandonment, fear, confrontation, ... [more]

Bubblegum large

Bubblegum Slaughter

merritt kopas

You are a magical girl and are there are two hours until the end of the world! Will you be able to rescue your teammates and banish the forces of evil? An interactive fiction/board game inspired by ... [more]

Bullet audyssey

Bullet Audyssey

Cellar Door Games

'Bullet Audyssey is a rhythm-based, space-shooter created by Cellar Door Games as entry for the IGF 2012. Players must dodge and absorb multiple projectiles by enemies in order to gain energy and ... [more]



Blammo Games

Help a band of young Campers! through a fun-filled summer by completing goals towards earning their badges.


Can You Handle 2 At Once?

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Challenge yourself by playing two mini-games at once on one controller.

Cc2 feature

Care&Control v2.00


The world has decayed in your absence, and as the caretaker of this world it is your job to cultivate the StarFlowers and bathe their seeds in the abysmal trenches left in your once glorious world.

Chatfu logo

Chat Fu

Blot Interactive

'Chat Fu is a unique game where players use Facebook messages in order to wittingly trick their friends say certain words to beat their opponents.

Dw logo

Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior

Torn Banner Studios

An expansion pack of [[Chivalry: Medieval Warfare]], Chivalry: Deadliest Warrior is based on the Spike TV series, "Deadliest Warrior." Bringing back the first-person combat mechanics from its ... [more]

Chiv logoshadow

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Torn Banner Studios

'Chivalry: Medieval Warfare is a fast-paced, multiplayer action game where players fight in a medieval civil war between opposing factions. Players can choose between four unique classes and a wide ... [more]


Christmas Tree

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Love decorating Christmas Trees? Decorate to your heart's content with Christmas Tree! With over 100 decorations to choose from you can decorate your tree however you like. Control the wind with your ... [more]

Consensual large

Consensual Torture Simulator

merritt kopas

A text simulation game 'about hurting someone who wants it.

Conversations small

Conversations With My Mother

merritt kopas

A game where the player plays as merritt kopas' mother during a telephone conversation.

Critter crunch

Critter Crunch

Capybara Games

'Critter Crunch is a puzzle game with a unique, lively art style, one of [[Capybara Games|Capybara]]'s signature traits. The goal is to feed the critters to a strange woodland creature named Biggs.

Critter crunch

Critter Crunch Mobile

Capybara Games

'Critter Crunch is a puzzle game with a unique, lively art style, one of [[Capybara Games|Capybara]]'s signature traits. The goal is to feed the critters to a strange woodland creature named Biggs.


Crumbchin's Quest

merritt kopas

You are a cat! What will you do? Where will you go? What kinds of weird things will you lick? Only you can decide!


Sext Adventure

Kara Stone & Nadine Lessio

Inspired by artificial emergent intelligence and the multi-media of current sexting, the game explores the multiple possibilities of computer sexuality and technological mediation of intimacy. An ... [more]


Cyborg Goddess

Kara Stone & Kayte McKnight

'Cyborg Goddess is a point-and-click, choose-your-own-adventure game where players have the choice to be a cyborg or a goddess. Drawing from Jasbir Puar's essay, 'I would rather be a cyborg than a ... [more]



Kara Stone

Cyclothymia is a narrative through astrological ties to emotional cycles.




A short and not-too-difficult platformerish game about perception.


Death Closet

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Can you survive the onslaught? Are you the king of platformers or is the challenge just impossible for you? Download and find out!


Dee's Big Night

merritt kopas

You slept in and your date's gonna be here any minute.' Get ready for your date as soon as you can in this Twine game.

Digital: A Love Story

Love Conquers All Games

A computer mystery/romance set five minutes into the future of 1988.


Don't Fall in the Hole

Oooweeooo Interactive

Don't Fall in the Hole is a multiplayer turn-based strategy action game for iPad, Windows 8, and Android. Use explosions and power-up weapons to force your opponents to tumble from platforms or fall ... [more]


Don't Lose Your Head


A quick little brutal dodging platformer made in Game Maker. Repeated death is punished severely.


Don't Starve: Shipwrecked

Capybara Games & Klei Entertainment

'Don't Starve: Shipwrecked is the newest expansion to Klei Entertainment's survival game Don't Starve from Vancouver. Capybara Games has has partnered with Klei to create new playable characters, ... [more]


Don't take it personally, babe, it just ain't your story

Love Conquers All Games

A spiritual sequel of sorts to Digital: A Love Story, set in a prestigious private high school, and on the social networks of 2027. Seven students, three endings, one eavesdropping teacher. A full ... [more]


Dry Voices


Who are you? It's a game about discovery taken to the limit.

Dyad launch 03


Right Square Bracket Left Square Bracket

A mind-bending, psychedelic sensory overload! Blast through a reactive audio-visual tube creating a harmonious synthesis of color and sound as you Hook, Graze, and Lance enemies to master Dyad's 27 levels.


Empathy Machine

merritt kopas

A Twine game to get you thinking about "Gender Swapping".




Throw your harpoon. Ride it past trouble. Use it to solve puzzles.


Feminist Confessional

Kara Stone

Confess your anti-feminist sins and repent.


Forbidden Island

Button Mash Games Inc. & Lummox Labs

Based on the tabletop board game by Gamewright, team up with 3 other players to capture the island's treasure before the island's time runs out.


Fortress Wars

Stegersaurus Software Inc

This isn't an expedition to mine or craft! We're here to battle! Take your avatar online for a showdown in a fully destructible and customizable world! Tag other players and avoid getting knocked out ... [more]



Drinkbox Studios

Guacamelee! is a action platforming video game developed and published by DrinkBox Studios.

Hand to heart

Hand to Heart

Kara Stone

Hand to Heart is a 4 player videogame exploring the affective interactivity between bodies and technology. It consists of four differently crafted controllers in the shape of my hand: a charcoal ... [more]


Hate Plus

Love Conquers All Games

A sequel to Analogue: A Hate Story that tells a whole new hate story of its own. Analogue players can pick up where their finished save files left off, and new players can start fresh in Hate Plus. ... [more]


Hide in the smoke, or you'll Die


A pretty tough - and not exactly fair, honestly - little dodge 'em up where a crosshair is attempting to hunt you down. Obscuring smoke, as the name cleverly implies, is your friend.



merritt kopas

A fluoro-pink queer urban hugging simulator, inspired by zak ayles‘ PUNKSNOTDEAD and Aevee Bee‘s “Towards a Cutie Aesthetic” and dedicated to the latter.



merritt kopas

A ritual to recall strength and resilience in the face of overwhelming oppressions.' A game dedicated to Leigh Alexander.


Jetpack Rapture

Stegersaurus Software Inc

The Rapture happened. You were left behind. You own a jetpack and have a sweet punk rock mohawk. REVENGE!


Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Blammo Games

An expansion to Stardom: Hollywood, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood lets you become a powerhouse in the world of fame and fortune by creating an avatar and becoming a celebrity to rule over L.A.


Knights of Puzzelot

Blammo Games

Go on an epic fantasy adventure – one puzzle at a time! Play a puzzle to battle monsters, find treasure, and collect items for your hero. Help rebuild the Kingdom of Puzzelot, and defend it from ... [more]


Knitting Simulator 2014

Gabby DaRienzo & Kara Stone

'Knitting Simulator 2014 was created during Dames making Games Julivewire Game Jam. It uses an alternative controller made up of a Makey Makey and a tilt switch. Discover what kinds of sweaters you ... [more]


Ladykiller in a Bind

Love Conquers All Games

Forced to pretend to pretend to be her twin brother on a cruise ship full of his classmates and enemies, the Beast finds herself thrown into a game of complex social, as well as literal bondage. An ... [more]

Lim small


merritt kopas

Explore the spaces around you as a square trying to fit in spaces that are more difficult than others. Be careful when approaching shapes of different colours.


Lots of Guns

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Are you hardcore enough? Climb your way as high as you can in this platforming shooter complete with an insane collection of guns and explosives. Lots of Guns will have you fighting zombies under an ... [more]


Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Asteroid Base

A frantic cooperative game set in a colorful, perilous galaxy. Up to four players must run around inside a neon pink spaceship, operating turrets, a shield, giant lasers and other devices, as the team embarks on a dangerous rescue mission.


Lullaby for Heartsick Spacer

merritt kopas

Explore procedurally generated quiet space caves and lay face down in a calm zone made just for you.



Joni Kittaka & merritt kopas

Explore a strange new world at your own pace as a mysterious creature with a 32-page game manual at hand accompanying your game play.


Medication Meditation

Dames Making Games & Kara Stone

Through activities like daily affirmations, sessions with a therapist, taking deep breaths and discovering just how hard it is to quiet the mind, Medication Meditation will both amuse and have you ... [more]


Mega Monster Mania

Stegersaurus Software Inc

With arcade style gameplay, Mega Monster Mania lets you explore and conquer a nearly infinite number of randomly generated dungeons. Fight dangerous beasts and reap the rewards! Hunt for treasure and ... [more]


Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes DS

Capybara Games

Set in the Might and Magic universe, Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes is the first-ever installment developed for the Nintendo DS™ incorporating role-playing elements, adventure and an innovative and ... [more]


Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes HD

Capybara Games

Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes takes place 40 years before the Heroes V saga. Scattered across five different regions of Ashan, 5 special heroes must travel their own dangerous paths to grow in ... [more]


Monkey On Your Back

Capybara Games

After an experiment left Nim with psychic powers, he finally has his chance to escape. Take control of scientists, soldiers and A-Bots! Blast and sneak your way through the Krenwinkle facility in a ... [more]

Moons small

Moons & Waves

merritt kopas

A very personal game about violence and healing.


Mount Your Friends

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Mount Your Friends is a fiercely competitive sporting event for you to play with your friends in the contextual security of your own home, assuming that your home is not composed of sexual innuendo.

N 21


Metanet Software

Physics-based run-and-jump gameplay with ragdoll physics, plus minimalist graphics.

N logo


Metanet Software & SilverBirch Studios & Slick Entertainment

Sequel to N, N+ features unique and freeing physics-based control, style and a built-in level editor along with different multiplayer options.

N  logo


Metanet Software

N++ is a fast-paced, momentum-based platformer about darting around obstacles, narrowly evading enemies and collecting gold in a beautiful minimalist landscape.


N?na, Ha?e F?aith


Try to get back home in this dimensional platformer. This game was a prototype challenge with the themes, "loneliness" and "dimensions".




Explore space in a tiny spaceship. Game 3/4 out of an attempt to make a series of ten games made over the holidays.



Lummox Labs

Try to connect the noodles from point A to point B in this rotating-hexagonal-noodle puzzle.




A game made during [ TOJam 2013] where the theme was "uncooperative". You must follow the game's instructions in order to progress through the puzzle.



merritt kopas

A decreational game inspired by the works of Simone Weil.

Octopy large


merritt kopas

A cephalopod wealth accumulation sim for two players.




Try and dodge the bright pink obstacles better than your opponent in this two-player racing game. Game 4/4 out of an attempt to make a series of ten games made over the holidays.




Crush or blow up your friends on a pirate ship in this fast-paced barrel and bomb dropping platformer.


Pixel Animator 3D

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Let the creativity flow! Pixel Animator 3D is a modelling and animation suite for your XBox 360! Use boxes to build your props and actors, and make whatever scene or story you want. The easy to use ... [more]


Pixel Garden

Oooweeooo Interactive

Find your zen as you build your Pixel Garden with a variety of vibrant flowers in this retro-arcade styled single player puzzler. But don’t let the tranquility of your garden lull you into a false ... [more]

Positivespace small

Positive Space

merritt kopas

A Twine love note / sex edutainment piece about a sex act called muffing.


Prank Patrol: Prank Party

Apartment 11 Productions & Phantom Compass

Based off the global hit television series Prank Patrol, 'Prank Patrol: Prank Party' is an iOS card game where players use and lose cards to build a blueprint for pranks.

Princessqueen large

Princess Queen

merritt kopas

You're a princess. But there are like, other princesses? You're probably going to have to fight them if you want to be the princess queen.


Probability 0


An everlasting descent into the abyss, where you will die. A combat-focused arcade platformer in which you must navitage treacherous terrain and improve yourself in order to survive for as long as ... [more]


Pumpkin Carver

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Create a Halloween pumpkin from the comfort of your living room! Choose from tons of features to customize your jack-o-lantern! Add fog, ghosts, and eerie music to make the scene complete. Great for ... [more]

Pirateplane small

Queer Pirate Plane

merritt kopas

Players take the identity of a woman who boards a plane and has an interesting adventure with her friends.


Rejected Gex Reboot Pitch

merritt kopas

The story of a game that was not meant to be.

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Rogue Legacy

Cellar Door Games

An extremely challenging platformer featuring randomly-generated dungeons, Rogue Legacy's unique twist is that each death marks the end of a generation, and each new life is the child of the previous ... [more]

Gameplay screenshot2

Rollers of the Realm

Phantom Compass

Rollers of the Realm is set in an era of medieval lands, corrupt kings, and castles of yore with a twist: bounce on and attack enemies as a pinball!



13AM Games

Run to the finish before your opponents in Runbow, an action-filled party game with several mini-games and many challenges.


SMABU: Earth Wars

Capybara Games

On a distant planet populated by Robots and Monkeys there is a new phenomenon known simply as S.M.A.B.U. – The ultimate combination of reality TV and maximum carnage! Each week S.M.A.B.U delivers ... [more]




Try to get the highest score possible in this square-grouping puzzle game. Game 2/4 out of an attempt to make a series of ten games made over the holidays.

Save the earth ad cover

Save the Earth: Asteroid Defense

Blot Interactive

An action title in the tradition of Missile Command, Asteroid Defense tasks the player with defending the Earth from a nonstop barrage of asteroids.

Screenshot 01

Shoot Shoot Mega Pack

Actual Humans & Gavin McCarthy & Jon Remedios & Ryan Roth

Shoot Shoot Mega Pack is a game about friendship, and also shooting. It's also a minimalist party game/2D shooter for up to four players. You can choose a preset game, create your own rulesets, or let the game do it for you. However you decide to play, ju


Shotguns in the Dark


Shoot your opponent before they shoot you in this stealthy, shotgunning game.


Shuriken Skies

Asteroid Base

Made in 3 days at the Toronto Independent Game Jam (TOJam) 2011, Shuriken Skies is a 2-4 competitive, no-holds-barred, every-ninja-for-themselves, skydiving beat-em-up fight fest. When your ... [more]



anna anthropy & merritt kopas

A two-player action game possibly about a breakup in space.



merritt kopas

Unfolding bodies / poems. More of an experimental digital comic than anything.

Stardom a list

Stardom: A-list

Blammo Games

Can you reach the A-List? Schmooze, flirt, lie, fight – and maybe even work – your way to STARDOM! From getting off the bus as a nobody to accepting an award as an international superstar, get rich ... [more]


Stardom: Hollywood

Blammo Games

An adventure game set in the heart of celebrity, Stardom has you create your character, and guide them through the challenging life of fame and fortune.


Starseed Pilgrim

Droqen & Ryan Roth

Become a space-gardener and fill up your empty world by tending to your space-themed garden.

Stick massage

Stick Massage

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Finally the massage you've been waiting for is here! Stick Massage lets you massage any way you want to! Want a bit more "game" in your massage? Play Massage For Money and see how skilled you are. ... [more]


Super Consent!

merritt kopas

A super brief textual piece about consent as an affirmative process and celebrating 'no'.


Super Shove It!

Capybara Games

As Joe Blocko, use your mining gloves to expand and contract the fallen steel girders that block your way in order to move them, smash debris, and forge a path to freedom across 50 mind bending ... [more]

Time force logo 2

Super Time Force

Capybara Games

'Super Time Force is a frantic side-scrolling shooter, with time travel as a central plot point and mechanic. It also comes with an irreverent, referential sense humor.


Super Uplifting Friendship Simulator

Kara Stone

Twine game made for a friend who I don’t get to see as often as I would like.' - Kara Stone


Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP

Capybara Games & Jim Guthrie & Superbrothers

Traverse a mythic little realm, use a sword to do battle & evoke sworcery to solve mystical musical mysteries.



merritt kopas

Reach through the ether to comfort a little person in distress.




A minimalist puzzle game about collecting garbage. Game 1/4 out of an attempt to make series of ten games made over the holidays.

Npub 30311 ss5

Tales from Space: About A Blob

Drinkbox Studios

Tales from Space: About a Blob is a game about an alien creature that grows and grows until it eats the whole world.

Tales from space   mutant blobs attack

Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

Drinkbox Studios

The sequel to [[Tales from Space: About A Blob]].


Tank Strike

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Tank Strike is a turn-based artillery game allowing up to 8 friends to battle it out. Compete in a variety of unique landscapes customized for your play style. Demolish your foes with a variety of ... [more]


Techno Tarot

Dames Making Games & Kara Stone

Have a robot tell you your past, present and future by attuning to your device.

Terfwar small

Terf War

merritt kopas

A game about feminist fear and hatred of trans women.

Phantompi logo

The Phantom PI Mission Apparition

Rocket 5 Studios

Annoying apparitions antagonizing your afterlife? Pesky poltergeists pooping on your peace? Cecil Sparks can help!


This Is Hard

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Think you're man enough to conquer the depths of THIS IS HARD? Trek your way through nefarious traps and deadly zombies to escape with your life. Who would fill the world with so many sharp and ... [more]




A short and simple boss fight. Figure out how to force the invader back from whence it came (space).



Cellar Door Games

'Villainous is a reverse tower defence, browser-based game where you lead units to siege and plunder protected towns and villages by collecting infamy and mana from fallen comrades. ... [more]


Vin Diesel DMing a Game of D&D Just For You

merritt kopas

Exactly what the title suggests, this is a text adventure game where Vin Diesel is your Dungeon Master.


What Now?


An adventure In sensory overload and emotional breakdown.


Zombies Ate My Friends

Blammo Games

An Adventure/RPG hybrid with a cartoonish art style, Zombies Ate My Friends has your custom character trying to survive in the most famous post-apocalyptic scenario.


The Eldritch Teller


An original televisual occult interactive.




NSFW exploration of switch dynamics in an arcade game environment


Homo Synthetica


A command-line style text-based game where you debug the mind of an android woman.


Sonic OC 7

Sophia Park

An adolescent role-play kindness interactive


femmepocalypse +


A make-up/dress-up game where you also take over the world.




A tiny game inspired by those barbie/dress-up games where you... put on makeup. Except in this one you also take over the world.




A Father's Day microgame


Gent Set Radio


A gang of hot brown kids get their kicks by parkouring all over Toronto's overpriced condo skyline.

Night of the Scarecrows

Alien Concepts

A Halloween-themed match-3 puzzle game.

Screen shot 2016 08 11 at 5.59.22 pm



A simple interactive reminder of self-care

The Warriors

Rockstar Toronto

Set in 1970s New York City the story follows a street gang known as the Warriors, who have been accused of a murder they didn't commit, and must return to their home turf in one night.


Pitfall Planet

Bonfire Games

A cute co-op puzzle adventure game featuring a pair of astrobots who must work together to traverse the low-poly subterranean caves of a ruined planet.


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game


A side-scrolling beat 'em up game based on the Scott Pilgrim series of Oni Press graphic novels by Bryan Lee O'Malley.

Header %281%29

The Yawhg

Damian Sommer & Emily Carroll

A choose-your-own-adventure game where up to four players take part in a uniquely randomized story. The evil Yawhg is returning, and the fate of both the town's locals and the characters themselves hinges on the decisions of their players.

Screen shot 2016 08 11 at 6.18.56 pm


A jam game with monsters and cards

Ss 0c937436222a0b5d7aee226d9f18d6dc2bca4f54.600x338

Actual Sunlight

WZO Games Inc

Actual Sunlight is a short interactive story about love, depression and the corporation. The game puts you in the role of Evan Winter, a young professional in Toronto, as he moves through three distinct periods of his life.


BootDisk Revolution

Wryn is a girl with a big arsenal and big dreams -- she wants to be the ultimate videogame hero!

At Risk: The Turtle Survivor Challenge

Alien Concepts

An educational game made for the Toronto Zoo's Adopt-A-Pond initiative. Live the life of either a painted or a Blanding's turtle. Complete a variety of missions, all while trying to avoid threats and predators.

Context Insensitive

Damian Sommer

Slowly build up how many keys you're using on your keyboard.


Say When

That Monster Games

A horror, sci-fi fairy tale about feeling empty.

Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One Before

That Monster Games

An interactive horror story and mostly true memoir

Ss 897f538a2da98a30f86349ff11b10fe99f2539ba.600x338

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist


An action-adventure stealth video game where you play as a master spy.

A Game About Game Literacy

Damian Sommer

A game where you slowly build up your understanding of the game's ruleset as it works you up to completing tiny mock metroidvanias.

The Useful Dead

BootDisk Revolution

The Useful Dead is a puzzle game where you have to die to progress.


There Are Monsters Under Your Bed

That Monster Games

A Twine adventure game about mental illness


Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Blacklist


The United States has a military presence in two-thirds of countries around the world, and some of them have had enough. A group of terrorists calling themselves The Engineers initiate a terror ultimatum called the Blacklist - a deadly countdown of escala


Assassin's Creed Unity


A game where you play as an assassin in historical times.

One night

One Night in a Haunted House

That Monster Games

A Twine horror game about insomnia


Jord Farrell

A juicy, musical puzzle game designed for players to learn without any instructional text.


A Friendship in Four Colours

Damian Sommer

A Friendship in 4 Colours is a game about two people learning mechanics through play.

Dogthrow Duo

BootDisk Revolution

Meet Dax and Emily Dogthrow, bounty hunters extraordinaire! Use their blasters and mighty throwing arms to fend off the lobster onslaught!

ToJam Taxi

James Brownlee

Attempt to balance luggage on a taxi for as long as possible by tilting the controller. Originally created at TOJam 10.

No Time to Chat

Dylan Cooney

An interactive fiction game about leaving the house

Far cry 4 box art

Far Cry 4


An open world action-adventure first-person shooter taking place in a country of sprawling mountains and forests.

Far cry primal cover art

Far Cry Primal


An action-adventure game where you play as a tribesperson in prehistoric times.

Screen 3

Super Snack Time

Little Guy Games

Launch into the skies in this charming, fast-paced Arcade popper!

Tom clancy's rainbow six siege cover art

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege


A multiplayer first-person shooter game where you play as a member of a counter-terrorist unit.

Be1988595c206716581e5d2171f7b749 original

The Wizards of Trinity Bellwoods

Chris de Castro

A game about Trinity Bellwoods Park, hipsters and the wizards that collect their cans.


Benjamin Rivers

Home is a unique horror adventure set in a beautifully-realized pixel world. It’s a murder mystery with a twist—because you decide what ultimately happens.

The Vermin Throne

Damian Sommer

This is a multiplayer game (4 to 10 players is ideal). There needs to be several people in the same room, all playing this game on another computer or phone at the same time.

Whisper Dungeon

Miaomiao Games

Explore a virtual reality dungeon

Slender: The Arrival

Blue Isle Studios

A survival horror video game and sequel to Parsec Productions’ Slender: The Eight Pages.

Watch dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2


An open world action-adventure game where you play as a hacker in a computerized San Francisco.

gEtting sHot by bUllets is aCtually kInda nIce

Damian Sommer

a 2-player game that grants the losing player a power up every time they die. Sweet and simple.

Pizza graveyard.p8

Pizza Graveyard

Acacia Christensen

A PICO-8 game about a pizza graveyard


They Bleed Pixels

Spooky Squid Games

A hybrid beat 'em platformer which follows the story of a young girl haunted by Lovecraftian nightmares.

For honor cover art

For Honor


A hack and slash video game set during the medieval period.

Mighty mouse3


Little Guy Games

Mighty Mouse, the beloved cartoon superstar of yesteryear, flies into the 21st century.



Benjamin Rivers

An intimate, classic point-and-click adventure game set in the SNOW universe – which just happens to be Toronto’s Queen Street West neighbourhood in 2008. Guide Dana to her job at Abberline Books, and explore her character through various conversations.


Mobeen Fikree & Vertex Pop

WE ARE DOOMED is a twin-stick shooter where you zap polygon baddies with an absurdly overpowered laserbeam.

The tunnel

The Tunnel

Nicole Chung

Wander through an old tunnel and keep the fireflies away.

Screen320x480 %281%29

Battle Blasters

Little Guy Games

It's the year 3042 and the ultimate form of entertainment is the Battle Blasters tournament which pits the world's best fighters against each other in gun-blasting death matches.

Xmg cows v aliens 01

Cows vs Aliens

XMG Studio inc.

Tap and hold to herd the cows into the barn to save them from the invading aliens

Title screen

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure

Untold Entertainment

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure is a video game that 5-year-old Cassie created with her dad at a weekend game jam.

Supreme Ruler: Cold War

BattleGoat Studios

Real-time strategy game using the Cold War as a backdrop.

Arrow Heads

OddBird Studio

A multiplayer battle royale where birds shoot arrows at each other.

Laser equipped annihilation protocol still

Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol

Daniele Hopkins & Kyle Duffield

A live-action gaming environment in which the player battles a laser wielding A.I. security system gone awry.


Fate Tectonics

Golden Gear Inc.

Build up a world piece-by-piece using the power of the god-like Fates, while keeping them happy enough to avoid world-shattering temper tantrums!

Supreme Ruler 1936

Real-Time Strategy Game where you must guide your nation through the most violent era in modern history through campaigns and battle scenarios.

Loud on Planet X

Pop Sandbox Productions

LOUD on Planet X is an exciting new indie alternative to Rock Band or Guitar Hero with a splash of Plants vs Zombies – a new hybrid of rhythm game and classic shooter with tower defence elements.

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A 2D sci-fi roguelike shooter where you salvage parts from alien ships.


Tanner Rogalsky

A cute, co-operative physics 2D platform game.

Night of the Cephalopods

Spooky Squid Games

A survival horror game with pixel art graphics and a fully voiced dynamic narrative system.


Tread Marks

Longbow Games

Tread Marks is an Off-Road Battle Tank Racing and Combat game.

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A VR physics sandbox game for the HTC Vive.

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A 2D platform action-rpg set on the rich stage of ancient Greek mythology.

Alone With You

Benjamin Rivers

Alone With You is a sci-fi game for people who love adventure, exploring and maybe even a little romance.

Cephalopods: Co-op Cottage Defence

Spooky Squid Games

A 2-player co-op arcade game set in the world of Night of the Cephalopods.

Ss 126d4e80f3ad6dcd81d450e425cb794a37d200ca.600x338



Create, Collect, and Crash in Autocraft, a physics destruction sandbox.

Ss 216aeb89cf12841e61adc08f492cc24caeee7b8d.600x338



A fast paced 2D platformer focused on intense action and exploration.

Tap Titans

Game Hive

In a world overrun by evil Titans, it is up to you to slay them and restore peace and order. How do you do it? You must tap!


Clapfoot Inc.

A strategy shooter where players defend the Earth against a Martian invasion in the 1950s.

394px dxball2 boxart

DX-Ball 2

Longbow Games

With more than 5 million downloads, it's the breakout game all others are compared to.


Laundry Bear Games

Trackoons is an 8-person local multiplayer game, where you play as raccoons facing off in a hurdles race in downtown Toronto.

Nexuiz Classic


A futuristic first-person arena shooter.


Rival Ball

Longbow Games

Rival Ball is the sequel to DX-Ball 2.

The Night Balloonists

Spooky Squid Games

A one-button, competitive item-collection game.

Sector Strike

Futuristic shoot ’em up combining the mechanics of shooters and the aesthetics of 3D games.


Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece

Longbow Games

Conquer the ancient Greek world in Hegemony Gold: Wars of Ancient Greece, the critically-acclaimed strategy wargame.

Tap Tycoon

Game Hive

Tap to create money out of thin air and earn enough money to invest in your businesses. Shape your multi-industry conglomerate by building and upgrading your businesses.

Tank Hero

Clapfoot Inc.

Fast paced 3D tank action on your phone.


Yummy Rainbow

Allied Games

A bright and fuzzy catch'em game for smartphones.


Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar

Longbow Games

Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar takes you to the plains and forests of ancient Gaul where the proconsul Julius Caesar wages a decade long war to subjugate the barbarian hordes.

Supreme Ruler Ultimate

BattleGoat Studios

A geo-political real-time strategy game where 1-16 players control of any nation in the world, from World War II through the Cold War and into the near future, as our world lurches from one crisis to the next.

Arcade Skidaddle


An infinite skiing game featuring 3d low-poly art and an 80’s inspired aesthetic. Tapping anywhere on the screen alternates which direction the skier is going. Ski around obstacles on the hill, ... [more]



From Smiling

A two-player versus game about squares with head-swords.

Shadow Heroes: Chibi Fight

A cute tap-the-screen reflex game.

Tank Hero: Laser Wars

Clapfoot Inc.

Charge your lasers and get ready to take the fight to new battlegrounds that will challenge you like never before.

Hegemonyiii raidercampbattle

Hegemony III: Clash of the Ancients

Longbow Games

The Battle for the Ancient World has Begun!

Battle Run

Game Hive

Battle Run is a 2D racer game where everyone strives to reach the finish line first.

Sky Rogue


A simple, fwooshy, intense action flight simulator.

Ikea slide4

I <3 IKEA!

Axon Interactive

Jump and duck to avoid iconic IKEA furniture and accessories.


Planet of the Eyes


Explore the mystery of an unknown world.

Bunny Bonker


A speed and reflex game featuring bunnies, payloads and physics.

Cel Damage HD

Finish Line Games

A fast-paced vehicle combat game, where the world’s toughest cartoon drivers get behind the wheel of outlandish cars and battle each other in order to gain TV fame.

Antrim Escape 3

Game Hive

There will be puzzle love and puzzle frustration, but most certainly there will be a lot of awesome puzzles to engage you in the dauntingly beautiful castle in Northern Ireland.

Beat the Boss 2

Game Hive

The Boss is back and ready to make your life a living nightmare. However, you are no longer the same model employee simply taking every barking order. You have been granted the power to take sweet vengeance on this tyrannical boss.

Beat the Boss 4

Game Hive

Why is Joe “The Boss” so annoying? You will finally know where he is from and why you need to take vengeance on him and his ignorant friends.

Super Battle Racers

Game Hive

Super Battle Racers is like Mario Kart on a 2D platform. You can outrun three other players in real time! If you can’t run fast enough, use a weapon or cast a monster to take down whomever is in front of you.

Intergalactic Diving Squad

Megan Patterson

A 2-player collaborative Twine dating simulator


Canadian Nuts

Brittney Oberfeld & Jen Costa & Kimberly Koronya & Lee Tran

A four-player squirrel competition

Kelvin Adventures: Flight of the Kelvins


Educational game for kids about fighting infections using nanotechnology.

Surfing Tsunami


Play as Quiksilver surfer Jonah Pierce as he blasts through the city and debris in this retro Super Nintendo-like surfing app.

Cloney: A Tapped Out Adventure


A Flappy Bird parody clone created for a 24 hour game jam.

Feeding Time

Incubator Games

Get ready to sink your teeth into Feeding Time, a casual puzzle game to satisfy your "tap"-petite for fun!


Golden Gear Inc.

Streak across a surreal landscape collecting dreams and avoiding terrible nightmares.

Brother Nature

Golden Gear Inc.

The game name is a reference to a joke made on the tv show Parks & Recreation.

Mega Run - Redford's Adventure

Get Set Games Inc.

Mega Run: Redford's Adventure) is an endless running game

Mega Jump

Get Set Games Inc.

Collect coins, grab crazy powerups, and dodge monsters to boost yourself to the edge of the universe and beyond!

Mega Jump 2

Get Set Games Inc.

The spectacular sequel to the #1 hit Mega Jump! Bigger, better and more mega than ever before!

Storm Casters Ultra

Get Set Games Inc.

Storm Casters is a loot-filled, action-packed dungeon adventure game

Tattooartist2 screenshot 02

Tattoo Artist 3

Game Pill

Tattoo artist simulation game.

Punch screenshot

Henchmen Open Beta

Lightning Rod Games

Combining elements of tower defense and path drawing, Henchmen s a fast-paced, multiplayer strategy game in which players compete with the objective of swarming their opponent with henchmen and destroying their enemy’s evil lair.

Beat The Boss

Game Hive

Beat up your boss with this game!

Beat The Boss 3

Game Hive

Your dream has come true. All your life you want to beat your boss, and now you finally can.

Antrim Escape

Game Hive

Antrim Escape is a room escape game.

Antrim Escape 2

Game Hive

Much like the first episode, “Antrim Escape 2 – Team Tactics” continues bringing you clever puzzles with stunning graphics.

The Sheepening

Logic Squid

When a mysterious object crashes from the Heavens, the sheep are scattered! UFO based sheep herding at its finest!

Block Star Party

Incubator Games

Block Star Party is the second iteration of exciting puzzle-action featuring hundreds of unique levels and challenges.


Get Set Games Inc.

Addicus is a beautiful and addictive puzzle game with a twist! Reach the goal number before the timer runs out and score extra points by getting pairs, flushes, secret numbers and speed bonuses!


Get Set Games Inc.

Poptweets is a curiously addictive game featuring tens of thousands of hilarious, edgy and just plain weird tweets from Twitter celebrities – just match the tweet to the celebrity before your time runs out!



Necrophone Games

A comedy adventure set in an alternate reality Cold War World, plagued with corporate espionage, CyberCrime, and sentient martinis.

Sync or Swim

Caitlin Kloeckner & Chris Daviduik & Jessica Gregory

A memory based game with a synchronized swimming theme

Last Alive

Lee Tran

Set traps to send the zombies into the spikes!

March of the Rabbits

Lee Tran

March your brave rabbits off to fight for victory in this 2-player action real-time strategy game.


Brittney Oberfeld & Jen Costa & Kimberly Koronya & Laundry Bear Games

A dinosaur's side-scroller adventure

Lactose IntoleRUNS

Laundry Bear Games

An endless runner about a carton of milk

Tumblr inline mhv6721xhg1rz5v5y

New School Blues

YoyoBolo Games

An family friendly point and click adventure revolving around a new kid's first day at school.

Screen shot 2016 08 18 at 4.21.09 pm

Two by Two

Untold Entertainment

Match animal pairs on a cube to win.


Frail Shells

From Smiling

A cute FPS built upon shooting but not being sure what else to do with it or how to deal with it.

Rabbit Dash!

Game Hive

Join Benny the Bunny as he tries to escape from a pack of fearsome wolves.

Circuit Panic

Vinyl Games Studio Inc.

Circuit Panic is an intense score attack game that will put your multi-tasking skills and reflexes to the test! Help your birds avoid the electricity!


Necrophone Games

Fight the military and eat people as a giant mechanized stag beetle.


Phantom Compass

Flash web-game game developed for YTV series "Splatalot"



Uken Games

Titans is an RPG, PVP, card strategy game.



Streaming Colour Studios

An iOS color matching game for the hardcore puzzle game player.

Screen 01

Monkeys in Space

Streaming Colour Studios

A line drawing game at its best for iPhone and iPod touch. Monkeys float helplessly in space, and it's up to you to save them!

Landformer 01


Streaming Colour Studios

A World-Changing Puzzle Game.


Pull My Paw

Trompo Games

A cute endless flyer about a dog with a jetpack and his journey to find his family.

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Trompo Games

A face-paced action jumper game about escaping prison.

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Wormarium Arcade

Trompo Games

Wormarium is a game, released for mobile platforms, featuring 5 colourful playable worm characters, and 5 angry and grumpy moles....



Wero Creative

A mobile game inspired by memes from the cryptocurrency DogeCoin.

Screen568x568 4


Wero Creative

A side-scrolling casual helicopter game inspired by classics such as ‘Choplifter’. Players pilot an RC helicopter in order to rescue their adorable feline friends who have been imprisoned by pesky garden gnomes.

ACE Online

Wicked Interactive

A MMO light-action space shooter. Pair up with fellow pilots, conquer the enemy and own the skies of Phillon!


Damian Sommer

In Chesh, each chess piece has movement rules of their own - both familiar and not. Players are randomly assigned pieces at the start of each game, and must figure out how to best use them to win.

Max Payne 3

Rockstar Games

Third installment in Max Payne series.

Xmg gastrobots 02


XMG Studio inc.

Wrangle critters to stop them from eating the food of the galaxy.


Rival Ball Tournament

Longbow Games

RBT is fast-action multiplayer breakout game featuring true head-to-head gameplay against the computer or across the Internet.


Stone Cutter

Longbow Games

Each level of Stone Cutter is composed of a challenging arrangement of stone pieces. Carefully rearrange the stones and score points in Puzzle Mode. Race against time in Action Mode as the stones dissolve in the lava pool.


Triangle Trifle

Longbow Games

Triangle Trifle is a fast action arcade-style puzzle game.



Longbow Games

Vortiball is a fast-paced arcade game featuring an original and addictive gameplay.


Tiger's Bane

Longbow Games

Tiger's Bane is a hybrid of the shoot-em-up and simulation genres, combining side scrolling action.

779861 937963 20070215 001

CQC: Close Quarter Conflict

Bedlam Games

Close Quarters Conflict has several different classes to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and weapons, to support many different styles of play.



Bloom Digital Media

LongStory is an LGBTQ+ friendly app about dating and adventure sim about love, romance, relationships and mystery.

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Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale

Bedlam Games

Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale offers engaging "hack and slash" gameplay, bringing Dungeons & Dragons to life. Travel to the Dalelands of the Forgotten Realms, where the journey begins in the remote Desertsmouth Mountains.


Kung Fu: Deadly Arts

Bedlam Games

In the province of Hunan, in ancient China, a village has lost its leader and four brothers have lost their father. A tournament of hand to hand combat has been arranged to decide his successor. The ... [more]

Cel damage

Cel Damage

Pseudo Interactive

Cel Damage is a cartoony take on vehicular combat games.


Full Auto

Pseudo Interactive

Full Auto combines fully-automatic, weapon-equipped vehicles with highly detailed urban landscapes, offering the most destructive environments ever featured in the racing genre. In Full Auto, the ... [more]

Fullauto2 ps3box usa org 000

Full Auto 2: Battlelines

Pseudo Interactive

Full Auto 2: Battlelines puts high-speed vehicles outfitted with weapons and armor into fully realized and fully destructible urban street environments.

Yoworld screenshot 720 01


Big Viking Games

YoWorld is a browser-based virtual world game.

Fish World

Big Viking Games

The first of its kind aquarium game and playable on Facebook. At its peak, FishWorld was played by millions of unique users and continues to perform well on Facebook. FishWorld lets you raise, ... [more]

The Arm

Dom + Nat

Be an arm and punch your way through things.

Baby's First House Fire


Save babies from a house fire.


Juicy Beast

Fight armies of gangster birds in the 90s as an alien.

Pet Tortoise


Take a moment out of your day to immerse yourself in your backyard sanctuary, which features a tortoise pen. Care for small tortoises by feeding and interacting with them and watch as they grow up in this calming environment.

Right Click to Necromance

Juicy Beast

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Toto Temple Deluxe

Juicy Beast

Put a goat on your head and keep it away from your friends.

Last One Standing

Douglas Gregory

Chase your opponents and knock down their dominoes - be the Last One Standing!

Flak 88


Take the gunner’s seat and prepare to enter the battle zones of WWII.

U-Boat Commander


In U-Boat Commander, you take control of a U-Boat in the midst of WWII. Destroy enemy fleets before they move out of range in a series of missions. Dodge depth charges underwater if you're spotted ... [more]

Knightmare Tower

Juicy Beast

Hack and slash and save the princess(es).


Juicy Beast

Throw your sword at your friend.

U-Boat Commander II


he war has begun and it’s your job to command a submarine and turn the tides of battle.

You're in Space and Everyone Wants You Dead


Run and jump through different gravity fields to escape monsters and get the highscore!

Vertical Assault - Vietnam War


In the heat of the Vietnam War it's your job to pilot a Huey helicopter to transport American soldiers into and out of hostile territory to help bring an end to this conflict

Railroad Rogues


Multiplayer game where you duke it out on a train and get the most gold.



Sango is a real-time war game, based on the Chinese novel, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The emphasis of Sango is a combination of the grand battlefield action of a real-time strategy game and the story and character development of a role-playing game.

Temple Fall

James Brownlee & Richard Lord & Sean Brown

Race your opponent down the temple steps as a disembodied heart.

Strength & Honour Lite


War is on the horizon in the ancient world. Deploy your Roman legionaries and send them out to win for the glory of the Roman Republic.

Just Me and Only Me Against The World


Take on aliens with only you and your clones.

VHS vs. Betamax


Vaporwave Smash Brothers with 20th Century media formats. You know you're curious.

Total Nuke


Jump into battle and save the city with your fast reactions!

Sango 2


Sango 2 is a historical war game based on the Chinese classic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Rewrite the history of the Three Kingdoms era by playing as the ruler of one of the great nations, such ... [more]

YCOM: Enemy Unlikely


Top-down demake parody of XCOM

The Night That Speaks


A short horror game with silly jumpscares

Sago Mini Friends - Preschool Playdate for Kids and Toddlers

Sago Sago

Go on a playdate with your favourite Sago Mini friends!

The Ancients


Dota + Terraria + Goats

Bomber Captain


In Bomber Captain, you take command of a Bomber in the midst of WWII as a recruit working for the Allied powers.

Sago Mini Babies Dress Up

Sago Sago


Mysterious Unnamed Space Game

Travel an unexplored galaxy in this sci-fi exploration game.

Tank Cavalry


In Tank Cavalry - Panzer Destroyer, you are assigned to command a tank platoon during WWII.

Sluggy's Tiny Adventure

Escape your glass prison and kill the Wizard.

Sago Mini Road Trip

Sago Sago

Go for a fun-filled drive with Jinja the cat. Pick a destination, select a vehicle and hit the road. What will Jinja drive today? Choose a sporty racing car, a jumpy jeep or a funny pickle car! Stop ... [more]

1942 Pacific Commander


Take the pilot's seat of a F6F-3 Hellcat and prepare to enter the heat of WWII and face off against the forces of Imperial Japan.

Sago Mini Pet Cafe

Sago Sago

Hungry for fun? Help feed the pets as you learn about shapes, numbers and colors.

WWI - Sky Commander


Take to the skies! Pilot a WWI fighter plane during the intensity of the war as you fight for the British cause.

Sago Mini Doodlecast

Sago Mini Doodlecast is a unique drawing app that records your voice as you draw.

Find My Clover


In Find My Clover, experience a touch of the Irish as you hunt for four four-leaf clovers before time runs out.

Strength & Honour


Strength & Honour’s 3D battle mode allows you to take the commander’s seat in a large-scale tactical battlefield simulation in real time. But it’s not just a matter of numbers or specialized ... [more]

Sago Mini Babies

Sago Sago

Care for adorable babies.

Yamato - Final Assault


Yamato - Final Assault portrays the actions of the fateful Operation Ten-Go on April 7, 1945 when the Yamato fleet was dispatched to attempt to take Okinawa back from the control of the American military.

Takeda 3


Takeda 3 is the latest in the Takeda series of games, based on the life and times of famous 16th century Samurai Lord, Takeda Shingen. In Takeda 3, you take command of the powerful Daimyo (feudal ... [more]

Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers

Sago Sago

Drive a dump truck with Rosie the hamster!

Galaxy Glider


Feel the rhythm of your music as you fly through outer space passing new worlds and dodging asteroids along the way.

Screen568x568 2


Royal Ontario Museum

A multiplayer app game in which players take on different roles to run a mine.

Strength & Honour 2


In 232BC, many great empires have risen to power on the world stage. In the West, the nations that once made up Alexander the Great's mighty empire are crumbling and conflicts and political ... [more]

Sago Mini Fairy Tales

Sago Sago

Explore an enchanted forest with Jinja the cat.

Volleyball To Go


The sand is warm, the sky is bright and it’s always time for a quick game of volleyball!

Glucose Maximus

Team Awesome-O

Ice cream game. The goal is to feed the kids running towards the ice cream vendor. There are medic and ammo resupplying kids that will help you, don't kill them!

Cooldog Teaches Typing

Cooldog teaches you how to type!

Bubble Thing

Queasy Games

Enjoy a song while discovering the joys of inflation and how it relates to the the nature of chain reactions.

Kalishnikitty in OMFG Missiles!

Team Awesome-O

Shoot and dodge the missiles...Survive!

Heavy Weather

Team Entelechynt

Avoid being hit by falling objects. This game was made in the style of the classic 2D games of the 1980's and 90's.

High Noon

Brendan Lynch

Western shootout, played on any website. Multiplayer (2-player) game.


Ryan MacLean

Play guitar and challenge your friends to imitate your style! Requires the Guitar Hero PS2 controller, with a PC PS2 to USB adapter.

Solar Force Toronto

Team Asylum Avatars

A basic shooter with a twist. Colour is a factor - based on opposites on the colour wheel.

Sucka Pool

Christopher Murphy

A pool game, but you get points for directly hitting people with your dog's poo.

Super Hamster Air Combat

Zi-Xiao Liang

Flying hamster shooting tanks and evil hamsters with a variety of weapons.

Sago Mini Superhero

Sago Sago

Fly with Jack as he lifts impossible weights, powers up on carrots and makes things right in the city.

Alien Abduction!

Cold Acid Entertainment

The CN Tower is really a secret flying saucer and launcher that the Canadian government uses to abduct aliens to research in hidden arctic bases.

Sago Mini Toolbox

Sago Sago

From sewing hand puppets to building a robot, there are tons of jobs to be done.

Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer

Sago Sago

Laugh out loud as you explore a magical underwater world with Fins the fish.

Tenkai Knights

Game Pill

Help the brave warriors defeat the evil Vilius and his Corrupted armies to save Quarton. Only you can master the Tenkai energy to defeat Vilius henchmen, Hos, Sho and Rho!

Sago Mini Bug Builder

Sago Sago

Create, hatch and play! Watch your toddler transform a simple shape into a colorful critter with Bug Builder


] [ Game Studio

A Trapping game in the spirit of Qix and the Vectrex. Draw lines around triangles to box them in and watch them explode!

Tanked Aquarium Game

Game Pill

As the proud owner of a virtual fish tank, players will choose their favorite fish, decorate the tank, and above all, keep their fish swimming and happy. Players will enjoy mini-games and are able to ... [more]

Tenkai Knights Battle for Quarton

Game Pill

Help the brave warriors defeat the evil Vilius and his Corrupted armies to save Quarton. Only you can master the Tenkai energy to defeat Vilius henchmen, Hos, Sho and Rho!

Benny Hinn's Bible Blast For Cash

Team Awesome-O

Guide Benny Hinn in his quest to liberate the citizens of Toronto from their cash! Grab all the loot you can!

Shape Buster

Game Pill

A puzzle game, perfect for unwinding and relaxing. If you are a fan of Tetris you will love this! Can you match enough Shapes to save Sam? A puzzle game that is addictive and fun. Match the shapes. ... [more]

Sago Mini Forest Flyer

Sago Sago

Discover the magical forest together as you soar through the sky, splash in the pond, do a little dance, and make new friends.


Team Entelechynt

2 Players Required. Player1 is the Dungeon Master that creates monsters (using only the keyboard). Player2 is the Archer that defeats those monsters (using only the mouse). The Archer gains levels while the Dungeon Master spawns monsters even faster.

Exit, Consumed by a Bear

Ben Stirling

Try to snag the actors when they approach the rear of the stage, but hurry! You only have until the end of the play in which to eat em all!

Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness - Enter the Dragon

Game Pill

Play Kung Fu Panda: Enter the Dragon….can you defeat Ki Pa?

Box Wars

Ryan MacLean

Compete with the enemy team (blue boxes) for control of the supply depots (green boxes). A cross between a traditional real-time strategy game and minesweeper.

Sago Mini Space Explorer

Sago Sago

Make new alien friends, zip around in a flying saucer, meet the lovable hug-bot, and enjoy an interstellar picnic

Marvin Marvin: Football Boogie

Game Pill

Marvin doesn’t know football, but he sure can boogie past those linebackers!

A Fairy Odd Christmas: Jingle Out of My Way

Game Pill

The gingerbread men are on the attack and want to take down Timmy!

Dance and Crack

Springbay Studio

Crack all the dancing Pink tiles before your computer opponent (the boy with blue tiles) does the same.

Sago Mini Boats

Sago Sago

Pick a destination, select a boat and sail the high seas.

Almost Naked Animals: Cabana Craze

Game Pill

Pick your favorite Almost Naked Animal and create your own hotel!

Sago Mini Monsters

Sago Sago

Create your own colorful monster! Make your monster happy with paint, food, and decorations.

Emergency Response Team

Fluid Games

ERT is an amazingly compelling top-down puzzle game. The object is to route emergency vehicles to their destinations within the given time limits while keeping track of fuel levels and score multipliers.

Sponge Bob Squarepants: Squared Away

Game Pill

Help Spongebob keep his room clean by tidying up. Place the different clothing items in order and see how high you stack up in this fun and interactive game.

Sago Mini Planes

Sago Sago

Pick a plane, load your passengers and take flight!

Jungle Book: Kaa's Coconut Challenge

Game Pill

Kaa is up to no good. Whack him with your coconuts in this game of skill featuring the loveable characters from Jungle Book.

Jungle Book: Mowgli's Adventure

Game Pill

Play this interactive game as Mowgli as you climb high above the tree tops and collect bananas.


Game Pill

During the 2007-2008 school year, Global Kids Youth Leaders at Canarsie High School, Brooklyn selected the topic of Hurricane Katrina and worked with game developers Game Pill to create Hurricane ... [more]

Faceless Assassin

Game Pill

You are the faceless assassin. Remain in the shadows and fill out your assignments.

Best Ed: Buddy's Nut Cellar

Game Pill

Help Buddy by putting each nut into the correct container as it falls from the tube. If you see a bad nut coming down the tube make sure to place it in the incinerator.

Best Ed: Driver's Ed

Game Pill

Become Ed behind the wheel as you safely drive Buddy to your destination. Weave through traffic and stop at lights and cross-walks to obey the rules of driving. Be careful or you will be pulled over ... [more]

Iron Man: Armored Justice

Game Pill

Activate your uni-beam, buckle up your suit and make sure justice is served as the young Tony Stark dons the Ironman suit in this action packed branded game.

Robo's World: The Zarnok Fortress

Bluish-Green Productions

Robo’s World: The Zarnok Fortress is a Free Roaming Tactical Action Platformer.

Sponge Bob Squarepants: Jelly Piper

Game Pill

Help Sponge Bob practice his flute and attract the jellyfish from around Bikini Bottom.

Sponge Bob Squarepants: Pizza Perfect

Game Pill

The Krusty Crab is now serving pizza. Help SpongeBob make the perfect pizza pie. This game is making me hungry for pizza.

Sasquatch Survivor

Game Pill

Sasquatch Survivor is a platform puzzler where you control a character named Mimo, a young yeti who was accidentally left behind by the tribe after a massive snowstorm.

Sponge Bob Squarepants: Spotless Sponge Bob

Game Pill

Help Sponge Bob keep clean by washing his hands in this game where germs are the enemy of cleanliness.

Sponge Bob Squarepants: The Quickster

Game Pill

Superheros need to be quick on their feet. Help SpongeBob practice his superhero skills and outrun the incoming lava.

Neopets: Ugga Drop

Game Pill

Ugga Drop is a game where your parachute is your best friend! A group of five Tyrannian Neopets have decided to be a little daring, and try cliff-jumping! And as the game progresses, the Neopets ... [more]


Bluish-Green Productions

Orbit is a space-based TD game unlike anything you've seen in the genre before. You must protect your planet from incoming alien attacks by sending Satellites into orbit to fight them off. Features game-play infused with Real Time Strategy mechanics.

Neopets: Nova Defender

Game Pill

Mechanova is out to destroy the Novas! As a defender of star-shaped justice, it’s your duty to make sure that this fiend doesn’t succeed. Another game developed for our friends at Neopets.

101 Dalmatians: Twilight Bark

Game Pill

Follow the sounds of the twilight bark. There are 101 Dalmations, who will figure out the mystery of the Twilight Bark?

Neopets: Sorcerers Skirmish

Game Pill

Meridell and Darigan just can’t seem to stay peaceful. These two are at each other’s necks yet again, but this time the fight is being fought by magical folk: sorcerers.

Silent Flyer

Game Pill

Take to the skies and fly your aircraft across the path to avoid radar detection. Then wage your attack and drop your payload on your marked targets.

When we were young

Bluish-Green Productions

A Platforming Adventure in a hand-drawn pixel art world.

Gentlemen, Drop Dead

Bluish-Green Productions

A pleasant skydiving affair turns into a free-falling duel for honor as an escalation of a simple argument for who will jump first.

Robo's World: The Blulite Rocks

Bluish-Green Productions

The hobby project of a 12 year old game developer, lovingly crafted after homework was complete over the course of 2 years. Now available for Desktop!

BGP Level Builder: Mars Lander Edition

Bluish-Green Productions

Create, Play, and Share Mars Lander style levels

Age of Legends

Uken Games

RPG game with quests, clans, war, weapons, fantasy, and action as an app for your phone.

Pirate Pop Plus

13AM Games

Dodge and pop bubbles with your anchor while collecting power-ups and managing Bubble Pirate’s constant gravity-switching mischief.


Big Viking Games

Blast through waves of alien ships, dodge devastating meteors, and battle epic bosses to save the galaxy.

Tiny Tappers

Big Viking Games

Tiny Tappers is a free to play action game where you unlock allies, upgrade your equipment, find special gear, and tap your way through endless waves of monsters and unique bosses. Tiny Tappers is ... [more]


Digital Howard

Terracosm is a mobile adventure game using Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Home Sweet Home

Big Blue Bubble

Create a space that is both beautiful and functional in this time-management, puzzle-solving, room-designing strategy game.


Big Blue Bubble

A quirky reimagining of the rhythm-based game that’s delightfully offbeat. Tap in time with the Thumpies as they bounce and tumble to a quirky musical score.

Fling a Thing

Big Blue Bubble

Fling-A-Thing is a delightfully fresh take on the physics-based puzzle game. Collect bubbles, clear levels, and unlock and explore vibrant, whimsical worlds of wonder.


Reptoid Games

You play as a triangular creature, gobbling up nutrients in order to reproduce and create more evolved versions of yourself. Periodically, extinction events will wipe out a significant amount of life.


Reptoid Games

SpillTender is a game in which you serve drinks to bar patrons in a unconventional way. Carefully slide beers to strange folks to collect tips. Spilled and smashed glasses come out of your pay, so ... [more]


Bluish-Green Productions

SpeedRun is a simple, high-score based arcade game. The Faster you go, the more points you get.

Hero Forge

Clapfoot Inc.

Hero Forge is a unique puzzle RPG experience. Battle opponents by matching blocks and casting spells in a series of intense rounds.


Finish Line Games

Maize is a first-person adventure game about what happens when two scientists misinterpret a memo from the U.S. Government and create sentient corn.


Frolic Labs

The Gepeto app is a way for kids (and adults) to author and share animated stories from an interface using touch gestures.



Waiit is a beautiful minimalistic game about two squares travelling through a labyrinth. Swipe to move both squares simultaneously.


Knight & Damsel


Knight & Damsel is a two-player "uncooperative" multiplayer game set on a papercraft stage that subverts the age-old tale of knights saving damsels, with the knight and damsel competing to rescue the other!

In A Pickle

Let's Pickle

Fighting on a bus, feat. pickles

Sea Level


A 3D platformer where you play as a bear

Ring World


Ring World is (going to be) a Mario Party like - fusion of board game and mini games.


Ben Stirling

Revitalize downtown, one shaky development at a time.


Capy Ken

Blast away alien enemies and gather their spare parts to repair damage, or add new components to your ship to make it faster and stronger!

Boxcar Brats

Capy Ken

Boxcar Brats is a wacky, top-down, multiplayer, "anti-racing" game.

Sex Drive (TOJam Edition)

Royal Papaya

You are a fruit. You have a car. Your cur runs on passion. What passion? A passion for sex.


Ben Stirling

On May 24th, 2016 two brave capybaras escaped from their pen in Toronto's High Park Zoo. The city waited breathless as a swarm of volunteers tried to retrieve them. Take control of these two brave rodents and keep them free as long as possible!

Load Runner (TOJam Edition)

Royal Papaya

Load Runner is a frenetic competitive multi-player game for up to 4 players where players must battle to be the last man (or woman, horse or papaya) standing!

The Regular: A Craft Beer Adventure

Ben Stirling

Serve the coolest and hippest craft beers! Try to ignore the chatty regulars! Pay off your student loans!



Action Puzzle game made during the 48 hour TOJAM2015.


Ben Stirling

Load your escape van with as many paintings as you can!

Battle Box


Insane 4 player, competitive multiplayer battle royale with a variety of deadly weapons.



Battle game featuring fish in a toilet.

You Got Served: A Fist to the Face


Test your reflexes in this twitchy bar room brawl. How many adversaries can you take down before getting overwhelmed?

Slam Dunk


Slam Dunk is a fast paced one-on-one local multiplayer basketball game, the first player to reach 21 points wins!



A rogue-like where you rip up floor tiles trying to find the bathroom as you try to avoid human interaction as much as possible.


George Degenkamp

This is a Trilobite species behavioural sim. Build yourself a trilobuddy and check out how they will survive.

Fantastic Motion Video 2016


Rid the Alamo Drafthouse of hidden lizard people and save the day in this throwback to classic FMV games like Night Trap and Ground Zero Texas!

Laser Blast The Game


Point and click your way through a harrowing mission to rid the Royal Cinema of Hologram Men in this lo-res tribute to FMV games of yore!

Winging It


You are a neon wireframe bat exploring a mysterious cave. Have fun!

My Lil Mon


Tamagotchi-style pet game.

Long Time Coming


Long Time Coming is an "infidelity sim" in which you've just cheated on your boyfriend, and must lie your way through an evening with him without getting caught.

Ancient Defence

Matt Rix

The goal is to survive as long as you can. The rest of the mechanics you can discover after a few minutes of playing it.


Matt Rix

You battle for three rounds to see who can make the most money by incinerating the most stuff.

Neon Mountain Television 2

Lennard Spokowski & Brianna Lowe & George Degenkamp & John Livingston & Neon Mountain Games & Unai Cabezon

NMTV2 is an interactive art piece. Think Wario Ware meets Night Trap.

Beware Wolf

Matt Rix

Get some friends together and play this fast-paced local multiplayer game of Werewolves vs Villagers!

Expong Whispers

Chris Baragar

A short game about whispering other people's memories into a sleeping machine's ear.

Cosmic Couch Cleanup Chronicles

"Last night's trippy coding jam has left the couch a mess. Soon my mother will be here to visit, can you help me clean it? She will be here in 27 seconds."


BootDisk Revolution

Rescue a medieval village from an alien assault.

The Book of Beanjaw


Beanjaw's calling is to eat all the green worms on the island. God is here to help Beanjaw realize that calling.

Little Chimera


You're an ungainly, floppy caterpillar thing with one goal: get as high as you can.


Everyday Shooter

Queasy Games

Everyday Shooter is an album of games exploring the expressive power of abstract shooters. Dissolute sounds of destruction are replaced with guitar riffs harmonizing over an all-guitar soundtrack, while modulating shapes celebrate the flowing beauty of ge

You Mech Me Crazy

John Livingston

A couple of robots must cooperate to solve puzzles- but their parts have been swapped.



A wandering ghost and a skeleton in a rowboat are trapped in separate planes amidst dangerous creatures.

Pride and Pistols


It's a standoff at high noon. You know what to do.


John Livingston

Sometimes it's good to be Dad. Operation Dad is a turn based, real time strategy hybrid themed in a 1980's sitcom world. Control your squad of Dad's and destroy the enemies trying to break into your ... [more]

Tentacular Madness

Ryan Miller

Beware what lurks below...


Ryan Miller

Otto runs automatically. Help him get to the exit by moving platforms.

Get On My Level

John Livingston

Take turns adding obstacles into a level and then compete against your friends to complete the level.

Munstah Chase

Ryan Miller

Mario Kart plus Temple Run plus Critter crunch.


Screenshots 20110919 07 fifthelement

The Depths to Which I Sink


Descend tubes, sail through hoops, avoid walls and smash windows in stereoscopic 3D.



Jord Farrell

AnIMa is a haunting game, with the disturbing sound effects and the chilling white noise that spreads across the screen with each possession.



SlimeKat & Sophia Park

Made in Twine over a week in very late 2016. Development and writing by Sophia Park. Art direction (indeed, all the art!) by Arielle Grimes. "pxplusibmcga" font by VileR is used under the CC ... [more]

Unmanned 2012 03 06 16 22 54 14


Molleindustria & No Media Kings

A story game following a day in the life of a drone pilot.

Sreenshot 1

Pipe Trouble

Pop Sandbox Productions

Pipe Trouble takes a clever new spin on an old arcade classic and uses over-the-top satire to draw awareness and prompt larger mainstream discussion for ongoing real-world issues surrounding the exploitation of natural gas.


I Get This Call Everyday

David Gallant

A lightly filtered experience pulled from the creator's (now former) day job in a customer service call centre, made interactive in a point-&-click format.


Za Vas

Brittney Oberfeld & Jen Costa & Kimberly Koronya & Lee Tran

A quirky simulator of a Russian dinner party.


Shu's Garden

Colin Sanders & Jason RT Bond

Just kick back, explore and experiment in this space-garden full of friends, foliage, and fun.

Superhypercube 01


SUPERHYPERCUBE is a puzzle video game for the PlayStation VR.

Img icon staymayor 011 842x476

Stay Mayor!

Extra! Extra! Games

Help the Mayor Stay Mayor!


Ritual of the Moon

Kara Stone

Ritual of the Moon is a 28 day multi-narrative following a witch that has been exiled to the moon as she sets up her new, isolated life.

Paper dude vr paperboy

PaperDude VR


PaperDude VR has you deliver papers ass a paper boy with different VR technology.

Blasters of the Universe

Blasters of the Universe brings the bullet hell genre into first person VR. Intense gameplay is heavily reliant on physical movement, requiring the player to duck, dodge, twist, turn, and maneuver ... [more]