Toronto Videogame Database

Kara Stone


Kara Stone is an artist and game maker from Toronto with a focus on feminism and mental health.


Boss Up, Daughter

'Boss Up, Daughter was inspired by GAMERella's Boss Up game jam. This is a real conversation Stone had with her mother.


Sext Adventure

Inspired by artificial emergent intelligence and the multi-media of current sexting, the game explores the multiple possibilities of computer sexuality and technological mediation of intimacy. An ... [more]


Cyborg Goddess

'Cyborg Goddess is a point-and-click, choose-your-own-adventure game where players have the choice to be a cyborg or a goddess. Drawing from Jasbir Puar's essay, 'I would rather be a cyborg than a ... [more]



Cyclothymia is a narrative through astrological ties to emotional cycles.


Feminist Confessional

Confess your anti-feminist sins and repent.

Hand to heart

Hand to Heart

Hand to Heart is a 4 player videogame exploring the affective interactivity between bodies and technology. It consists of four differently crafted controllers in the shape of my hand: a charcoal ... [more]


Knitting Simulator 2014

'Knitting Simulator 2014 was created during Dames making Games Julivewire Game Jam. It uses an alternative controller made up of a Makey Makey and a tilt switch. Discover what kinds of sweaters you ... [more]


Medication Meditation

Through activities like daily affirmations, sessions with a therapist, taking deep breaths and discovering just how hard it is to quiet the mind, Medication Meditation will both amuse and have you ... [more]


Super Uplifting Friendship Simulator

Twine game made for a friend who I don’t get to see as often as I would like.' - Kara Stone


Techno Tarot

Have a robot tell you your past, present and future by attuning to your device.


Ritual of the Moon

Ritual of the Moon is a 28 day multi-narrative following a witch that has been exiled to the moon as she sets up her new, isolated life.