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Streaming Colour Studios

Developer & Publisher

Streaming Colour Studios is an independent video games studio based out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Guelph is located about one hour West of Toronto, Ontario. Streaming Colour was formed in 2008 by Owen Goss for the purposes of creating fun, non-violent, and creative video games. Prior to founding Streaming Colour, Owen worked in the console games industry for 5 years at such companies as Electronic Arts Canada and Propaganda Games, developing for platforms like the PSP, Xbox 360 and PS3. In 2008 Owen decided to head out on his own and form his own company with the goal of making the kinds of games that he enjoys playing the most.



An iOS color matching game for the hardcore puzzle game player.

Screen 01

Monkeys in Space

A line drawing game at its best for iPhone and iPod touch. Monkeys float helplessly in space, and it's up to you to save them!

Landformer 01


A World-Changing Puzzle Game.