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Sago Sago

Developer & Publisher

Sago Mini Friends - Preschool Playdate for Kids and Toddlers

Go on a playdate with your favourite Sago Mini friends!

Sago Mini Babies Dress Up


Sago Mini Road Trip

Go for a fun-filled drive with Jinja the cat. Pick a destination, select a vehicle and hit the road. What will Jinja drive today? Choose a sporty racing car, a jumpy jeep or a funny pickle car! Stop ... [more]

Sago Mini Pet Cafe

Hungry for fun? Help feed the pets as you learn about shapes, numbers and colors.

Sago Mini Babies

Care for adorable babies.

Sago Mini Trucks and Diggers

Drive a dump truck with Rosie the hamster!

Sago Mini Fairy Tales

Explore an enchanted forest with Jinja the cat.

Sago Mini Superhero

Fly with Jack as he lifts impossible weights, powers up on carrots and makes things right in the city.

Sago Mini Toolbox

From sewing hand puppets to building a robot, there are tons of jobs to be done.

Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer

Laugh out loud as you explore a magical underwater world with Fins the fish.

Sago Mini Bug Builder

Create, hatch and play! Watch your toddler transform a simple shape into a colorful critter with Bug Builder

Sago Mini Forest Flyer

Discover the magical forest together as you soar through the sky, splash in the pond, do a little dance, and make new friends.

Sago Mini Space Explorer

Make new alien friends, zip around in a flying saucer, meet the lovable hug-bot, and enjoy an interstellar picnic

Sago Mini Boats

Pick a destination, select a boat and sail the high seas.

Sago Mini Monsters

Create your own colorful monster! Make your monster happy with paint, food, and decorations.

Sago Mini Planes

Pick a plane, load your passengers and take flight!