Toronto Videogame Database


Developer & Publisher @SaganYee Sagan Yee is a Toronto-based freelance animator and occasional indie game perpetrator. In 2011, she was a participant and later co-coordinator of the Difference Engine Initiative, where she made her first computer game. Since then, she has participated in panel discussions on animation and games, collaborated on several bizarre interactive projects (one of which ended with the cops showing up), and organized workshops promoting digital media outreach and literacy. Currently Sagan is employed by the Hand Eye Society and is a community member of Dames Making Games, as well as part-time library clerk at the TIFF Lightbox.


A rogue-like where you rip up floor tiles trying to find the bathroom as you try to avoid human interaction as much as possible.

Fantastic Motion Video 2016

Rid the Alamo Drafthouse of hidden lizard people and save the day in this throwback to classic FMV games like Night Trap and Ground Zero Texas!

Laser Blast The Game

Point and click your way through a harrowing mission to rid the Royal Cinema of Hologram Men in this lo-res tribute to FMV games of yore!

Winging It

You are a neon wireframe bat exploring a mysterious cave. Have fun!

My Lil Mon

Tamagotchi-style pet game.

Long Time Coming

Long Time Coming is an "infidelity sim" in which you've just cheated on your boyfriend, and must lie your way through an evening with him without getting caught.