Toronto Videogame Database

Stegersaurus Software Inc

Developer & Publisher


Avatar Falls Down Stairs

Look out below! Avatars are falling everywhere! Test your ragroll skills as you twist and tumble down flights of stairs using your custom XBox avatar.


Avatar Without a Chute

Feel the freedom and weightlessness of free falling without those unruly consequences of reaching the ground. Collect points as you race your friends to the bottom! Look out below!


Baby Maker Extreme

Are you extreme enough for Baby Maker Extreme? Experience the most extreme embryonic event enhanced by your electronic entertainment equipment. Simulate the miracle of life in a way only video games ... [more]


Baby Maker Extreme 2

The baby is back and ready to fly farther than ever! The surprising slippery superstar returns in this stupendous sequel. Now with more locations, super powered babies, and outfits to unlock. Who ... [more]


Battle Beat

Can you keep the beat and crush your foes? Using instrument-based controllers, Battle Beat combines the action of rhythm games with strategic elements to create a unique gameplay experience. Choose ... [more]


Can You Handle 2 At Once?

Challenge yourself by playing two mini-games at once on one controller.


Christmas Tree

Love decorating Christmas Trees? Decorate to your heart's content with Christmas Tree! With over 100 decorations to choose from you can decorate your tree however you like. Control the wind with your ... [more]


Death Closet

Can you survive the onslaught? Are you the king of platformers or is the challenge just impossible for you? Download and find out!


Fortress Wars

This isn't an expedition to mine or craft! We're here to battle! Take your avatar online for a showdown in a fully destructible and customizable world! Tag other players and avoid getting knocked out ... [more]


Jetpack Rapture

The Rapture happened. You were left behind. You own a jetpack and have a sweet punk rock mohawk. REVENGE!


Lots of Guns

Are you hardcore enough? Climb your way as high as you can in this platforming shooter complete with an insane collection of guns and explosives. Lots of Guns will have you fighting zombies under an ... [more]


Mega Monster Mania

With arcade style gameplay, Mega Monster Mania lets you explore and conquer a nearly infinite number of randomly generated dungeons. Fight dangerous beasts and reap the rewards! Hunt for treasure and ... [more]


Mount Your Friends

Mount Your Friends is a fiercely competitive sporting event for you to play with your friends in the contextual security of your own home, assuming that your home is not composed of sexual innuendo.


Pixel Animator 3D

Let the creativity flow! Pixel Animator 3D is a modelling and animation suite for your XBox 360! Use boxes to build your props and actors, and make whatever scene or story you want. The easy to use ... [more]


Pumpkin Carver

Create a Halloween pumpkin from the comfort of your living room! Choose from tons of features to customize your jack-o-lantern! Add fog, ghosts, and eerie music to make the scene complete. Great for ... [more]

Stick massage

Stick Massage

Finally the massage you've been waiting for is here! Stick Massage lets you massage any way you want to! Want a bit more "game" in your massage? Play Massage For Money and see how skilled you are. ... [more]


Tank Strike

Tank Strike is a turn-based artillery game allowing up to 8 friends to battle it out. Compete in a variety of unique landscapes customized for your play style. Demolish your foes with a variety of ... [more]


This Is Hard

Think you're man enough to conquer the depths of THIS IS HARD? Trek your way through nefarious traps and deadly zombies to escape with your life. Who would fill the world with so many sharp and ... [more]