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Battle Run

Welcome to Battle Run: the multiplayer running game that 3 million players love just got even better. You can now choose 15 different pets to assist you! Battle Run is a 2D racer game where everyone strives to reach the finish line first. You can outrun three other players in real-time! If you can’t run fast enough, use a weapon to take down whomever is in front of you. ๏ REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER Playing with your friends’ score is boring. Battling with them in real-time is awesome. ๏ ARSENAL OF WEAPONS Missile, chainsaw, axe, land-mine, meteor, and many more weapons to hurt other players real bad. ๏ CUSTOMIZE YOUR LOOK Customize your own set of clothing: from hats, glasses, masks, to even a trailing effect. DRESS UP to be and look unique in the game! ๏ CHOOSE YOUR PETS Get an instant boost and extra shield with a pet - All of them are different and unique! ๏ PRO LEAGUE Climb up the ranks and be the best possible Battle Runner in the world!

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Game Hive


Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod


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