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Mega Jump 2

Amazing Features: - Activate the crazy Mega Mode! - Hundreds of awesome Missions! - Every character has special powers! - Unlock secret characters! - Grab Lucky Prizes to win awesome items! - Brand new game engine with amazing effects! - So much more! Help Redford and his forest friends jump, boost and smash to the top, grabbing tons of treasure along the way! Mega Jump 2 is everything you love about the original and much, much more! Activate the Mega Fever Mode for huge points and crazy coins! Collect monster eggs to unlock secret characters with special powers! Play hundreds of fun adventures! Boost with Mega powerups and take on brand-new bad guys! Challenge your friends and brag about your new high score!

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Get Set Games Inc.


iPad, iPhone, iPod


Single Player


Mac App Store


Action, Arcade


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