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Antrim Escape

After falling from a tree, Ryan woke up in a strange room. Help him escape the room and discover the secret of Antrim Castle! Antrim Escape is a room escape game. The objective of the game is to find, combine and use designated items to solve puzzles and eventually find the exit of the room. In order to succeed the game, you have to comprehend on the functionality of iphone (multi-touch, accelerometer…etc). With its realistic graphics, enticing storyline, intellect puzzles, and intuitive controls, it is a brand new experience to your previously played room escape games! The story is based on a haunted garden in N. Ireland! ********** Features: ◆ 20+ Original Puzzles leading to two unanticipated exits ◆ Zoom-In Mode available for stunning Retina Graphics ◆ Intuitive Controls: easy access to inventory ◆ In-Game Hint System ◆ Languages Supported: English, French, Chinese, Japanese, German and Swedish ◆ iOS 4 Tested

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Game Hive


iPad, iPhone


Single Player, Local Play


iOS App Store

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