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Full Auto 2: Battlelines

Combine raw horsepower with awesome firepower in a race that demands both precision aim and breakneck speed. Fierce combat-racing ensues as you strategically use destruction to win races as well as leave massive devastation in your wake. Players can destroy the environment to dynamically change track conditions to block competitors, open new paths, or crush opponents with falling debris caused by well-timed missiles. Full Auto 2: Battlelines has been fully re-designed over the original, introducing a new Arena Mode featuring team play and six different levels. Across 20 regular combat-racing tracks, players can get behind the wheel of 25 different vehicles ranging from classic muscle cars and low riders to monstrous SUVs and industrial vehicles, each of which can be customized with more than 20 explosive weapons as well as multiple paint schemes and wheel styles.

Game Info

Release Date

December 7, 2006


Pseudo Interactive



PlayStation 3


1-8, Local Play, Online Play, Competitive Play


Action, Racing


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