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Tank Cavalry

In Tank Cavalry - Panzer Destroyer, you are assigned to command a tank platoon during WWII. Go head to head with a variety of enemy tanks in two exciting campaigns. Play as either the Allied forces or as the Germans to immerse yourself in the history of tank warfare. Use smoke screens and your wit to destroy your enemies and prove your skills as a tank commander. - Choose from two campaigns to experience Allied forces and German tanks each with different strengths. - Battle through 20 exciting missions in Campaign mode with a variety of mission goals such as pursuing the enemy, escaping and scouting. - Select your level of difficulty before you start a campaign to create even more of a challenge. - Timed missions and a mission containing a mine field create tension and thrills with every new mission. - Control your tank by pushing control sticks forward, which allows for an ease of movement. Feel the power of a tank at your fingertips! - Battle as and against several different tank types such as Elefants, Fireflies, Tigers and Jagdpanthers. - Use smoke screens tactfully to get in close to an enemy and destroy them. - Test your skills in Quick Battle mode as you set your own battle parameters. Choose from a variety of battle grounds, nationalities and a wide selection of tanks for a unique experience every time. - A variety of additional tanks that are not playable in Campaign mode are playable in Quick Battle mode such as the Japanese Ha-go. - View a gallery in the Hall of Fame that contains tank statistics and images of over 15 major tanks from WWII.

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November 20, 2011





iPad, iPhone, iPod


Single Player, Local Play

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Action, Strategy


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