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Galaxy Glider

Galaxy Glider will take you on a journey through the universe as you build your experience based on music you select from your own playlist in app. Make it a calming journey by selecting peaceful music or adventurous by selecting exhilarating music. You can even choose your play mode and take on the daring challenge of navigating space with only one ship or for fun you can select to have unlimited ships. Avoid black holes, collect plasma balls and claim passing planets for your nation in this thrilling and beautiful app. Features: - Pilot a space craft on a trip through the universe passing planets along the way. - You control the feeling of your adventure by selecting music from your playlist. - You can set the difficult of the game in the settings screen along with toggling on or off game sound effects. - Control the ship by titling your device in a direction to move the space ship left or right and tap the screen to create a speed boost - Avoid asteroids and getting sucked into the gravity field of black holes to build up a new distance score and create a record of your travels. - You can select in the settings screen to have unlimited lives so you can instantly regenerate when you're hit and explode that way your experience will not be hindered by restart screens although you will lose distance points when you're destroyed. - If you're looking for a greater challenge, you can toggle off the unlimited ships option in the settings screen and test your skills to see how far you can fly without being destroyed. - Collect plasma balls along the way and fly to the centre of a planet as it appears to add extra points to your distance score. - Flying to the centre of a passing planet will allow you to claim it for your nation. Select from a collection of over 200 world flags in the settings screen to plant a flag on a passing planet for your country. - Elements of the game are randomized so you can have a different experience each time you play Galaxy Glider. - In the settings screen you can track your records including best scores, the number of black holes you’ve passed, ships that you’ve lost and you can view the number of planets you’ve discovered and visited. - There are five beautiful backgrounds for Galaxy Glider and a backdrop randomly loads when you start the app. - Fly on a journey through the cosmos today!

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July 29, 2011





iPad, iPhone, iPod


Single Player

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