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Ben Stirling


Ever wanted to become an art thief? Using the new Burgl app, you can be matched with scouts around the world who will point you towards the nearest museum filled with rare paintings just waiting to be stolen. Search these museums for the requested paintings, but watch out for dangerous laser security systems once you've triggered the alarm. Get the paintings to the extraction point your Burgl partner will provide (with explosives, so stand back) and toss them in. Now, do you go back into the museum for more loot and risk getting caught? Or do you hop in the van and get out of there? BONUS ROUND! Once you've explored 3 museums, you'll get to play the free heist mode! Find the most valuable paintings you can! Or just toss a bunch of cheap ones in the van. It's your call! Once you've gathered enough loot, you can start purchasing upgrades on each heist that will (hopefully) help you collect even more cash! How rich can you get?

Game Info

Release Date

January 26, 2016

Developer / Publisher

Ben Stirling




Single Player






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