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Pet Tortoise

Take a moment out of your day to immerse yourself in your backyard sanctuary, which features a tortoise pen. Care for small tortoises by feeding and interacting with them and watch as they grow up in this calming environment. You can revel in your adult tortoise pets when they reach full size or you can choose to set them free and start a whole new generation in your backyard enclosure. - Escape reality and enjoy the calming atmosphere of a backyard tortoise pen. - Charming background sounds of birds chirping gives you the feeling of being in a tranquil summer day. - You start your pet ownership experience with eggs that hatch into cute baby tortoises. - Feed them lettuce by tossing it from the sides of the pen. - Your tortoises will grow over time as they eat until they are fully grown and are quite large. - You can play with your tortoises and get them to follow your finger by touching and holding down on a spot in their enclosure. - Toss small rocks into the pen to get the attention of your pets. - You can interact with your tortoises by tapping on the enclosure to attract attention and you can touch and hold the tortoises to pick them up and move them as they wiggle about. - Moving a tortoise or tapping on its shell will cause the tortoise to hide in its shell for a few moments. Tapping them too much, too quickly will cause them to panic! - Your tortoises will react to hunger pangs and will move more quickly towards lettuce when they're hungry. - You can choose to hatch baby tortoises and raise them again to bring new joy to your pen.

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April, 2010







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