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Content aims to be appropriate and engaging for most children and adults. May contain very cartoony or stylized violence at most.

36 games are tagged with All Ages

Homo Synthetica


A command-line style text-based game where you debug the mind of an android woman.


Pitfall Planet

Bonfire Games

A cute co-op puzzle adventure game featuring a pair of astrobots who must work together to traverse the low-poly subterranean caves of a ruined planet.

Title screen

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure

Untold Entertainment

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure is a video game that 5-year-old Cassie created with her dad at a weekend game jam.

Laser equipped annihilation protocol still

Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol

Daniele Hopkins & Kyle Duffield

A live-action gaming environment in which the player battles a laser wielding A.I. security system gone awry.

Loud on Planet X

Pop Sandbox Productions

LOUD on Planet X is an exciting new indie alternative to Rock Band or Guitar Hero with a splash of Plants vs Zombies – a new hybrid of rhythm game and classic shooter with tower defence elements.


Tanner Rogalsky

A cute, co-operative physics 2D platform game.

Alone With You

Benjamin Rivers

Alone With You is a sci-fi game for people who love adventure, exploring and maybe even a little romance.

Tap Titans

Game Hive

In a world overrun by evil Titans, it is up to you to slay them and restore peace and order. How do you do it? You must tap!

Bunny Bonker


A speed and reflex game featuring bunnies, payloads and physics.

Tattooartist2 screenshot 02

Tattoo Artist 3

Game Pill

Tattoo artist simulation game.

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New School Blues

YoyoBolo Games

An family friendly point and click adventure revolving around a new kid's first day at school.

Screen shot 2016 08 18 at 4.21.09 pm

Two by Two

Untold Entertainment

Match animal pairs on a cube to win.

Rabbit Dash!

Game Hive

Join Benny the Bunny as he tries to escape from a pack of fearsome wolves.


Necrophone Games

Fight the military and eat people as a giant mechanized stag beetle.


Phantom Compass

Flash web-game game developed for YTV series "Splatalot"



Uken Games

Titans is an RPG, PVP, card strategy game.



Streaming Colour Studios

An iOS color matching game for the hardcore puzzle game player.

Screen 01

Monkeys in Space

Streaming Colour Studios

A line drawing game at its best for iPhone and iPod touch. Monkeys float helplessly in space, and it's up to you to save them!

Landformer 01


Streaming Colour Studios

A World-Changing Puzzle Game.


Pull My Paw

Trompo Games

A cute endless flyer about a dog with a jetpack and his journey to find his family.

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Wormarium Arcade

Trompo Games

Wormarium is a game, released for mobile platforms, featuring 5 colourful playable worm characters, and 5 angry and grumpy moles....



Wero Creative

A mobile game inspired by memes from the cryptocurrency DogeCoin.

Screen568x568 4


Wero Creative

A side-scrolling casual helicopter game inspired by classics such as ‘Choplifter’. Players pilot an RC helicopter in order to rescue their adorable feline friends who have been imprisoned by pesky garden gnomes.

Xmg gastrobots 02


XMG Studio inc.

Wrangle critters to stop them from eating the food of the galaxy.

Pet Tortoise


Take a moment out of your day to immerse yourself in your backyard sanctuary, which features a tortoise pen. Care for small tortoises by feeding and interacting with them and watch as they grow up in this calming environment.

Screen568x568 2


Royal Ontario Museum

A multiplayer app game in which players take on different roles to run a mine.

Tenkai Knights Battle for Quarton

Game Pill

Help the brave warriors defeat the evil Vilius and his Corrupted armies to save Quarton. Only you can master the Tenkai energy to defeat Vilius henchmen, Hos, Sho and Rho!


Knight & Damsel


Knight & Damsel is a two-player "uncooperative" multiplayer game set on a papercraft stage that subverts the age-old tale of knights saving damsels, with the knight and damsel competing to rescue the other!

Little Chimera


You're an ungainly, floppy caterpillar thing with one goal: get as high as you can.


Shu's Garden

Colin Sanders & Jason RT Bond

Just kick back, explore and experiment in this space-garden full of friends, foliage, and fun.