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XIQ is a game about trapping. Your avatar can fire in 4 directions, creating lines. If those lines form a box, the bad guys in the box are destroyed and you score points. Move with the arrow keys or joystick and shoot in all four directions with WASD. Once you fire a bullet, it creates a trailing line. This line forms the edge of a box. Use four lines to create a box, trapping triangles inside. All triangles inside a completed box get destroyed and you score points! Any triangle touching a line will freeze in place until that line disappears. Once the line disappears the triangle becomes quite anxious to kill you, I suggest avoiding it. A number of points you get for a box is dependant on the size of the box and the number of triangles inside it. The smaller the box the better! To score power-ups just move your guy on top of them. The temporary powerups go away after 5 seconds, so make sure you can get it before trying! The effects granted by the permanent ones stay after dying. Read Manual.html and visit Xiq Site for additional information. Simply an amazing game! Totally worthy of People's Choice Gold. Compelling and addictive game design, cool vector art, and great music. Truly the Grid Wars of TOJam #2!

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May 6, 2007

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Linux, Mac, Windows


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