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A simple interactive reminder of self-care

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A jam game with monsters and cards


A Friendship in Four Colours

Damian Sommer

A Friendship in 4 Colours is a game about two people learning mechanics through play.

Dogthrow Duo

BootDisk Revolution

Meet Dax and Emily Dogthrow, bounty hunters extraordinaire! Use their blasters and mighty throwing arms to fend off the lobster onslaught!

ToJam Taxi

James Brownlee

Attempt to balance luggage on a taxi for as long as possible by tilting the controller. Originally created at TOJam 10.

Title screen

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure

Untold Entertainment

Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure is a video game that 5-year-old Cassie created with her dad at a weekend game jam.


Tanner Rogalsky

A cute, co-operative physics 2D platform game.

Ikea slide4

I <3 IKEA!

Axon Interactive

Jump and duck to avoid iconic IKEA furniture and accessories.

Last Alive

Lee Tran

Set traps to send the zombies into the spikes!


Brittney Oberfeld & Jen Costa & Kimberly Koronya & Laundry Bear Games

A dinosaur's side-scroller adventure

The Arm

Dom + Nat

Be an arm and punch your way through things.

Baby's First House Fire


Save babies from a house fire.


Juicy Beast

Fight armies of gangster birds in the 90s as an alien.

Right Click to Necromance

Juicy Beast

Exactly what it says on the tin.

Toto Temple Deluxe

Juicy Beast

Put a goat on your head and keep it away from your friends.

Last One Standing

Douglas Gregory

Chase your opponents and knock down their dominoes - be the Last One Standing!

Knightmare Tower

Juicy Beast

Hack and slash and save the princess(es).


Juicy Beast

Throw your sword at your friend.

Railroad Rogues


Multiplayer game where you duke it out on a train and get the most gold.

The Ancients


Dota + Terraria + Goats

Mysterious Unnamed Space Game

Travel an unexplored galaxy in this sci-fi exploration game.

Glucose Maximus

Team Awesome-O

Ice cream game. The goal is to feed the kids running towards the ice cream vendor. There are medic and ammo resupplying kids that will help you, don't kill them!

Heavy Weather

Team Entelechynt

Avoid being hit by falling objects. This game was made in the style of the classic 2D games of the 1980's and 90's.

High Noon

Brendan Lynch

Western shootout, played on any website. Multiplayer (2-player) game.


Ryan MacLean

Play guitar and challenge your friends to imitate your style! Requires the Guitar Hero PS2 controller, with a PC PS2 to USB adapter.

Solar Force Toronto

Team Asylum Avatars

A basic shooter with a twist. Colour is a factor - based on opposites on the colour wheel.

Sucka Pool

Christopher Murphy

A pool game, but you get points for directly hitting people with your dog's poo.

Super Hamster Air Combat

Zi-Xiao Liang

Flying hamster shooting tanks and evil hamsters with a variety of weapons.

Alien Abduction!

Cold Acid Entertainment

The CN Tower is really a secret flying saucer and launcher that the Canadian government uses to abduct aliens to research in hidden arctic bases.


] [ Game Studio

A Trapping game in the spirit of Qix and the Vectrex. Draw lines around triangles to box them in and watch them explode!

Benny Hinn's Bible Blast For Cash

Team Awesome-O

Guide Benny Hinn in his quest to liberate the citizens of Toronto from their cash! Grab all the loot you can!


Team Entelechynt

2 Players Required. Player1 is the Dungeon Master that creates monsters (using only the keyboard). Player2 is the Archer that defeats those monsters (using only the mouse). The Archer gains levels while the Dungeon Master spawns monsters even faster.

Box Wars

Ryan MacLean

Compete with the enemy team (blue boxes) for control of the supply depots (green boxes). A cross between a traditional real-time strategy game and minesweeper.

Dance and Crack

Springbay Studio

Crack all the dancing Pink tiles before your computer opponent (the boy with blue tiles) does the same.

Emergency Response Team

Fluid Games

ERT is an amazingly compelling top-down puzzle game. The object is to route emergency vehicles to their destinations within the given time limits while keeping track of fuel levels and score multipliers.

Gentlemen, Drop Dead

Bluish-Green Productions

A pleasant skydiving affair turns into a free-falling duel for honor as an escalation of a simple argument for who will jump first.

In A Pickle

Let's Pickle

Fighting on a bus, feat. pickles

Sea Level


A 3D platformer where you play as a bear

Ring World


Ring World is (going to be) a Mario Party like - fusion of board game and mini games.


Capy Ken

Blast away alien enemies and gather their spare parts to repair damage, or add new components to your ship to make it faster and stronger!

Boxcar Brats

Capy Ken

Boxcar Brats is a wacky, top-down, multiplayer, "anti-racing" game.

Sex Drive (TOJam Edition)

Royal Papaya

You are a fruit. You have a car. Your cur runs on passion. What passion? A passion for sex.

Load Runner (TOJam Edition)

Royal Papaya

Load Runner is a frenetic competitive multi-player game for up to 4 players where players must battle to be the last man (or woman, horse or papaya) standing!



Action Puzzle game made during the 48 hour TOJAM2015.

Battle Box


Insane 4 player, competitive multiplayer battle royale with a variety of deadly weapons.



Battle game featuring fish in a toilet.

You Got Served: A Fist to the Face


Test your reflexes in this twitchy bar room brawl. How many adversaries can you take down before getting overwhelmed?

Slam Dunk


Slam Dunk is a fast paced one-on-one local multiplayer basketball game, the first player to reach 21 points wins!



A rogue-like where you rip up floor tiles trying to find the bathroom as you try to avoid human interaction as much as possible.

Winging It


You are a neon wireframe bat exploring a mysterious cave. Have fun!

Ancient Defence

Matt Rix

The goal is to survive as long as you can. The rest of the mechanics you can discover after a few minutes of playing it.


Matt Rix

You battle for three rounds to see who can make the most money by incinerating the most stuff.

Neon Mountain Television 2

Lennard Spokowski & Brianna Lowe & George Degenkamp & John Livingston & Neon Mountain Games & Unai Cabezon

NMTV2 is an interactive art piece. Think Wario Ware meets Night Trap.

Beware Wolf

Matt Rix

Get some friends together and play this fast-paced local multiplayer game of Werewolves vs Villagers!

Expong Whispers

Chris Baragar

A short game about whispering other people's memories into a sleeping machine's ear.

Cosmic Couch Cleanup Chronicles

"Last night's trippy coding jam has left the couch a mess. Soon my mother will be here to visit, can you help me clean it? She will be here in 27 seconds."


BootDisk Revolution

Rescue a medieval village from an alien assault.

The Book of Beanjaw


Beanjaw's calling is to eat all the green worms on the island. God is here to help Beanjaw realize that calling.

Pride and Pistols


It's a standoff at high noon. You know what to do.

Tentacular Madness

Ryan Miller

Beware what lurks below...

Munstah Chase

Ryan Miller

Mario Kart plus Temple Run plus Critter crunch.


I Get This Call Everyday

David Gallant

A lightly filtered experience pulled from the creator's (now former) day job in a customer service call centre, made interactive in a point-&-click format.