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Installation and Site-Specific

Games that require interaction at a physical location in order to be played, such as a gallery space or park. For Alternative Controller games, please use the appropriate tag.

7 games are tagged with Installation and Site-Specific

A Sword Game


A puzzle, platformer sword game where you must stick to with the sword you have chosen for the whole game to kill enemies, unlock doors and explore a maze-like dungeon.

Screen shot 2016 08 11 at 6.18.56 pm


A jam game with monsters and cards

Laser equipped annihilation protocol still

Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol

Daniele Hopkins & Kyle Duffield

A live-action gaming environment in which the player battles a laser wielding A.I. security system gone awry.

Intergalactic Diving Squad

Megan Patterson

A 2-player collaborative Twine dating simulator

Sync or Swim

Caitlin Kloeckner & Chris Daviduik & Jessica Gregory

A memory based game with a synchronized swimming theme

Lactose IntoleRUNS

Laundry Bear Games

An endless runner about a carton of milk

Screen568x568 2


Royal Ontario Museum

A multiplayer app game in which players take on different roles to run a mine.